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Vision is to contribute Myanmar Industries.



400 years history of Sumitomo

Sumitomo Started a copper refining business and a copper workshop in 17th century kyoto, under the name Izumiya. Izumiya went into copper mining business afterwards and continued operations for 283 years,forming the backbone of Sumitomo’s business.
In 1897, Sumitomo Copper rolling Works was founded, that is original company of Sumitomo Electric.


Low Voltage Cable

  • Building wire and cable
  • Control & Instrument cable
  • Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC)
  • Underground/Armored Cable
  • Fire Resistance Cable (FRC)


High Voltage Cable

  • Overhead cable
  • Underground / Armored Cable
  • Submarine Cable

Medium Voltage Cable

  • Power Cable
  • Control & Instrument cable
  • Overhead cable
  • Spaced Aerial Cable (SAC)
  • Underground/Armored Cable


Communication Cable

  • Fiber optic cable




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