WM Clothing

Formed in 2010, we pride ourselves on the variety of garments we are able to create and our continuing innovation towards creating new designs based on current global tastes and fashion. Our global reach for product exports currently encompasses Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea and Thailand and continues to further expand.
Factory Opening: 1st April, 2011   Total Workers: 300 and quickly growing


The garment factory essentially operates in a Cutting, Making and Packing (“CMP”) system with majority of the materials being supplied by the buyers, however we can provide the raw material. As per buyer’s order we can produce many different styles of garments, however we do specialize in men’s, lady’s and children’s trousers. Due to our relation to associate factories our production capacity can go over 200,000 pieces per month with a minimum quantity for each style set at 5,000 pcs.


Our aim in this market is to utilise the advantage of low manufacturing costs in Myanmar and share the benefits with our customers. In return the Garment factory creates secured employment opportunities for many locals.


Our vision is to satisfy customers through quality goods and services, effective job creation as well as bringing innovation into this business sector. We also provide the shipment services upon requested.

How to Order

If you are interested to order please download our step-by-step ordering breakdown file below to smoothly order from us.


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