Business milestones are like checkpoints, signaling that business ventures are thriving and growing. Because of this Wa Minn is proud of its strong history on the road to diversification and its role in paving stepping stones for future endeavors.


Wa Minn is founded by Myint Wai and as a family business, Wa Minn begins to export locally manufactured garments to Japan.


Myint Wai retires as the Chairman from the Government Employee Cooperative (“GEC”) and manages Wa Minn full time.


Kun Naung Myint Wai and Lwin Moe join the company in honor of keeping Wa Minn a family business. This union allows Wa Minn to diversify into the Gold Mining Industry.


Through technology acquired from Italy Wa Minn introduces gold refinery to its growing businesses sectors. Adding to this was the prestige and acclaim of opening the very first gold refinery factory in Myanmar.


Naung Kun Myint Wai joins Wa Minn and closely oversees the finance of the company to facilitate and support growth.

In the same year Wa Minn undertakes three new ventures:

  • Garment Making Industry – Wa Minn establishes a cutting, making and packing (“CMP”) factory and employees and additional 300 employees to cater for the new demand
  • Wa Minn acquires possession of the Enamel Ware Factor to expand in the Sheet Metal Work Industry.
  • Wa Minn Initiates talk with foreign investors to develop Tin and Tungsten mining.


Wa Minn further expands into the Property Development field.


Wa Minn establishes a division as WM Property Development and Construction Project Management focusing on property development in Myanmar with projects including the following:

  • KalawHills Estate
  • Ayarwon Low Cost Housing
  • Sanchaung Garden Residences
  • Kayah Resort
  • Manawhari Commercial Complex
  • Taunggyi Business Center


Wa Minn opens assembly line/factory for Kubota Johkasou KZ5 unit and expands the production. In the same year, Wa Minn opened its first hotel in Loikaw, called Kayah Resort where every effort is made for the comfort of our guest.


Wa Minn establish Aluminum & glass façade company jointly with Quan Dat from Vietnam who has exclusive know-how & experience over 20 years in the industry. WM Quan Dat design, engineer, supply, manufacture, install and maintain aluminum & glass façade.