WM Enamel Ware

No.1 Enamel Ware production

Wa Minn is Myanmar’s No.1 Enamel ware production and distribution company in a vital and growing industry. Our strength in this market is supported by the technology imported by Kinsho Martachi Cooperation Japan. Unlike many other products our Enamel ware is sure to stand the test of time.

Manufacturing Process

We produce the enamel ware products by using Mild Steel Cold Rolled sheet as based metal with the standard, specification and the manufacturing processes are as follows;

  • Forming
  • Drawing
  • Trimming & Curling
  • Cleaning Processes
    • The finished mild steel formed products are cleaned by six steps to remove the impurities.
  • Coating
    • After passing the cleaning process, the products are coated by the ground coat and cover coat with standard, specification and baked in natural gas furnace at temperature within 820’C to 840’C.


We distribute our products through various channels such as wholesales, retails as well as door to door service. Delivery of the Enamel Ware Products can be arranged throughout the whole country to any customer specification and logos can also be organized as per customer requirement.

Advantages Of using Enamel Ware Products

Our products are produced by using corrosion resistance, Mild Steel Cold Rolled Sheet as base metal and coated at temperature within 800’C- 840’C.

The Enamel ware products can be used safely to resist temperatures up to 600’C and also cold resistance in refrigerator.

With a smooth non-stick surface on both sides our enamel ware products are made to withstand not only extreme temperatures but also from chemical reactions.

Our Enamel Ware products are designed to protect food from bacteria which can cause the foul smell and rotten meals.

Our bowls are also of standard in accordance to the code of conduct for the Buddhist monks.

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