Why Wa Minn?

Why Wa Minn?

Wa Minn is encouraging innovation and transparency to create solutions that meet the Country’s demands; improving access to clean water and good quality kitchen utensils, modernized and quality construction materials that improve and guarantee the health, economy, and social wellbeing of a community.

Being a responsible employer, Wa Minn is creating opportunities for Myanmar people with growth of main projective businesses supporting education to staffs’ families by Myint Wai foundation; others investment in sustainable livelihoods such as capacity development and vocational trainings. Those trainings include formal trainings, on-the-job learning, and informal mentoring to ensure employees build the skills needed to meet the demands of our customers.

Wa Minn value people for their competencies, and, we encourage fair employment practices across the Country and offer equal opportunities to all our employees. Being a part of Wa Minn you will have a second family at work, this vision of the Wa Minn Group has made the company into the success, as all team members are valued and cared for. Enabling our employees to achieve their full potential also involves listening to their aspirations, sharing knowledge with them, and empowering them to play a role in solution providers.

Our people

Through our commitment to our people, our values, embracing diversity and our responsibility to our communities, we aim to create an environment in which our people are proud to work — and to foster a rich pool of talents to support our large variety of business sectors. After all, our company’s reputations are founded on our exceptional people.

Career Progression

At Wa Minn you will get great career support and encouragement to explore potential career paths and opportunities. You will have an assessment interview with your manager on a regular basis to take stock of your career evolution and talk about your ambitions and aspirations of your future career and how you will be able to achieve them. A lot of our people have long and successful careers at Wa Minn, others use their new skills, experience and knowledge they develop to go on and do great things elsewhere.

Training and development of skills of our employees have been at the core of the Group’s Human Resources policy and contribute to the development of our teams and the professionalism of their service to our customers. Wa Minn provides at least two training sessions per year for employees in order to develop and learn new skills. In effect of this Wa Minn also commits itself to finding skilled and knowledgeable staff to pass on the knowledge and grow the company knowledge base.

We offer our people great opportunities to be personally stretched and challenged. It’s a big investment but the business case is indisputable, when we wish to continue our successes and maintain our reputation in the market place our family of staff must have exceptional skills.

Industries we operate in

Wa Minn currently separates itself into 7 main business categories and this is also growing. Our areas include Funding, Development, Construction Management, Waste Water Treatment,  Enamel Ware, Supply and Installation of Aluminium Facade and Glass, and Garment Making. So, whichever of our seven business categories you join, you will have the opportunity to work within an industry sector that particularly interests you or one where you already have some experience.

If you are already a skilled professional with industry experience, your knowledge will be valued from day one. If you are in the early stages of your career, you can learn quickly from experienced team members. Whichever level you join at you can expect a fast-paced environment where we will invest in developing your industry knowledge through challenging assignments, day-to-day coaching from teammates and personal development programs.