Board of Directors



Myint Wai founded the company in 1996 and is responsible for the performance of the board and the strategic direction of the company. Myint Wai holds a Bachelor of Science (Industrial Engineer) from Tokyo Institution of Technology and a Diploma of Japanese Language from Osaka Foreign Studies of University in Japan. Myint Wai interned at Toshiba Company for two and half years working at the Data Processing Centre – IBM 7090. In 1975 Myint Wai returned to Yangon and ran an Enamel Ware Factory as the Factory General Manager until the factory was acquisitioned in 1993 by the Government Employee Cooperative (“GEC”). In the same year Myint Wai became the Union Chairman at GEC and retired this position in 1999.

Myint Wai is also a member of the Myanmar Association of Japanese Alumni (MAJA) for 12 years; this group is a Federated Alumni that is the largest in Japan with over 1,500 members including some renowned scholars from Japan and Myanmar. Now the President of MAJA, Myint Wai makes use of this connection by helping to bridge the gap in Asia, promoting better relations and bringing Japanese technology and skills to the Myanmar people.




Kun Naung Myint Wai joined the Board in 2007 and is appointed as the Managing Director leading the company towards new opportunities and developing new projects to nurture growth in the company. Kun Naung has considerate experiences in Project Management from various earlier projects such as Earth works and Timber Log production industries which he worked in for 10 years. Prior to this, he founded and sold a successful cheroot production company in Myanmar. Kun Naung’s strong leadership skills have provided for a solid backbone to the company and clear objectives for the company to achieve.



CEO & Vice Chairman

Naung Kun Myint Wai joined the Board in March 2011 and takes care of senior management performance and strategic formulation for the board. Naung Kun holds a Bachelor of Business degree from the Edith Cowan University, a Master of Accounting degree from the Curtin University and is a member of CPA Australia. Naung Kun previously held the position of Tax Advisor, for 5 years, at one of the largest CPA Accounting firms in Western Australia. This advisor role has given him a good insight into and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of both senior management and disciplined business culture.