Strength through Diversity

From its origin as in the year 1996, Wa Minn has grown into one of the largest companies and employers. It diverse business operations cover; Earth Works, Constructions, Tin & Tungsten Mining, Gold Refinery, Garment Making and Enamel Kitchen Ware. The long standing goal is to maximise its shareholder returns.

WM Development

One of Wa Minn’s newest sectors, the team in WM Development has been working in partnership on a new project, namely the Manawhari Commercial and Residential Complex which is to be the …


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WM Construction and Earth Work

Wa Minn takes advantage of its skilled Engineering and Construction personnel who have over ten years’ of proven experience in these fields to provide excellence in the services …


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WM Waste Water Treatment

The Kubota Johkasou system is sold in Myanmar by Wa Minn as the sole authorized distributor. Kubota Johkasou is not just a septic tank but a sewerage treatment unit which sets a benchmark …


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WM Gold Refinery

Using the best Italian Refinery Techniques as well as local quality staff trained in the art of Refinery by Italian technicians, Wa Minn has the ability to produce …


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WM Mining

One of our newer ventures, in 2012 we partnered with foreign expertise to cater for a wide range of mining and mineral processing projects including exploration, development, …

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WM Enamel Ware

Wa Minn is Myanmar’s No.1 Enamel ware production and distribution company in a vital and growing industry. Our strength in this market is supported by …


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WM CMP Garment Making

Formed in 2010, we pride ourselves on the variety of garments we are able to create and our continuing innovation towards creating new designs based on …

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Latest News

Find out about what is currently happening at Wa Minn. All the latest news, information, updates on various products and initiatives as well as up-and-coming ventures to look out for.